Women Reusable Face Covering 100% cotton

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Women Non Medical Reusable Face Mask

These are not medical grade masks, they are not PPE which must be reserved for front line workers. 

Protect others and protect the environment with these reusable face masks.

One size fits most.

Use. Wash. Reuse. 

The pleated design gives a good fit as the pleats open up and contour your face. The soft black elastic allows a comfortable fit. 

Face Coverings are designed to protect the spread of the germs and viruses but good hygiene is still the best form of defence and hand washing guidelines must be adhered to. 


Two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton with a non-woven interfacing between the two layers. 


Wash before use and after each use. Machine washable at 30C, can be tumble dried but this may reduce the stretch of the elastic. 


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