Little Pots pack of 4 glass straws

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Little Pots pack of 4 glass straws 

Set of 4 straight recycled glass straws and 100% recyclable, in their recycled cardboard box with a cleaning brush.

The set contains:

  • 4 glass straws of 21 cm

  • 1 reusable recycled cardboard box

  • 1 cleaning brush

These 100% glass straws will only satisfy you with their resistance and durability.

They are recyclable, and they have it all!

No more soft cardboard straws or stainless steel straws with an unpleasant iron taste (no need to talk about plastic straws here…).

The glass is tasteless and allows you to enjoy your favorite drink neutrally and without guilt!

It's the ally of your favorite moments, you will love it!

Its bottle brush will allow you to clean your straws easily, otherwise you can slip them into your dishwasher.