Little Pots Glass Jars set of 6

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Little Pots Glass Jars set of 6

Perfect to store try food, this pack of 6 glass jars will be perfect to store your zero waste store purchases while adding style to your pantry.

Pack of 6 glass jars of 3 capacities with their copper lids.

  • 2 x 1062ml glass jars, 220mm x 85mm, weight: 450g
  • 2 x 720ml glass jars, 145mm x 85mm, weight: 340g
  • 2 x 580ml glass jars, 127mm x 80mm, weight: 280g

Capacities : 2 x 580ml, 2 x 720ml, 2 x 1062ml.

Closing : 6 Deep Twist Off 82 cuivre inclus.

Watch out for a crush on Muscadin! These modern and graceful jars allow you to keep both salty and sweet in bulk. They can also play their charms in decoration, allowing you to use your imagination!

The term "muscadin" was once used to describe a young man of sought-after elegance, therefore perfectly suited to this pot of unparalleled beauty 

Made in Europe.