Beebee Wraps The Teeny Pack Beeswax Nature Collection

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Beebee Wraps The Teeny Pack Beeswax Nature Collection

In the pack you will get:

  • 5 small wrap: 18 x 18 xm

The smallest member of the family now has its own gang in The Teeny Pack. 

Our small wraps are often sought after to wrap avocados, cucumber, lemons or milk bottles. We make them into pouches for snacks and cover left over food in ramekins.

The possibilities are endless!

In your pack, you will receive 5 BeeBee beeswax wraps.


Please note that you won't necessarily receive the design combination that you see pictured- one of the ideas behind the pack is to help the brand to eliminate their waste, so the designs are dependent on what we they have.



Clean - Keep your wax wraps in tip top condition by hand washing in cool, soapy water using a mild dishwashing soap. You can soak our wraps to remove hardened food and scrub them using a BeeBee Wipe, soft bristle brush or sponge. Drip dry on the draining board or peg out.

Store - Fold and store in a drawer or store rolled in the space clingfilm used to inhabit!

Don't's! - Do not use with raw fish or meat, and avoid all contact with heat including microwaves and ovens.

 Your wraps are reusable for a year.